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cubed has changed.

Cubed Creative is a creative Minecraft freebuild server that has been around since 2014. Our aim is to create a place where people go for both the great community and the many creative possibilities. We set ambitious goals and always do our best to achieve them – and we’re well on our way to do so.

​We offer all we can to our members to ensure they have the best opportunities and creative mindset. Supplying multiple worlds and tools, we push a communal setting while allowing members to remain unique and individual with their creations. Being original is incredibly important to us, thus we’re always pushing ourselves to come up with new innovative concepts to keep your experience interesting.

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Cubed is currently in development for our major update. You can apply to the Beta Program now to gain early access to the server, allowing you to test our new features and experience why we're considered one of the best in the creative scene.

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simplicity is about adding the meaningful.

Cubed brings life to our cities by building with purpose and meaning. We push for our members to be creative with their builds, to unleash their inner artist. By working together, we have created many beautiful cities of outstanding pride.


creativity is about adding a personal touch.

Whether small or large, every build has a bespoke touch. We want to create an experience you can’t get anywhere else, and we’re not afraid to take risks to achieve this goal.

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