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about cubed.

Here at Cubed we focus on innovation, initiative and creativity. We use various tools such as World Edit or Voxelsniper to carry out our work while still using our hands to create masterpieces; thus is the Cubed way.

From modern cities to traditional metropolises, medieval towns to fantasy kingdoms, we give our community the best they deserve to do the best they can achieve. This creates a relaxed, versatile environment with rich opportunity for members old and new, so join today and see what magic you can create; your potential lies not only in your tools and surroundings but also your imagination!

our history.


Cubed's Creation

Frustrated by the then-available creative freebuild servers, Fallrise started work on Cubed Creative along with Artume. Its goal was to be a friendly server, offering equal opportunities for all players, focusing itself on innovation and offering new experiences. The goal wasn’t necessarily to create a big community; the goal was to create a great community.


Cubed's Opening

On February 16th 2014, the server was launched, dubbed ‘Cubed Creative Community’, but would soon also become known as simply ‘CC’. From this point onwards the community continued to develop itself into a respected server within the creative Minecraft community. But as time passed, Fallrise retired from his duties and thus Aequotis became co-owner on 13th December 2014. Along with staff and many members he built Cubed’s best project thus far; the ambitious island of Westpoint. This was a true milestone for the community.


Rezz's Repairs

In 2015, RezzedUp joined Aequotis as joint-Owner of Cubed Community, pushing forward a new chapter in our history. At this point, Cubed began seeing new features and custom plugins, alongside innovative city designs and map developments.


Fall's Return

Even though Fallrise had been active on the background throughout 2015, he returned as owner in 2016 and continued work with Aequotis and RezzedUp. This year turned out to be the most important one yet; several important partnerships were announced (E.g. Everbloom Studios and World of Keralis) and many impactful updates were introduced.


Cubed's Return

Two years later, Cubed is back, and ready for the future. You can join us on our grand adventure and help us create new cities and new experiences for the future.

our goals.


We are a community who wants to stand out. We want to create an experience you can’t get anywhere else, and we’re not afraid to take risks to achieve this goal.

Building an environment

Being a community-centered server we understand how important it is to have a great environment to play in. It’s what we’ve always kept in mind, from the point we started building Cubed to today.

Freedom of creativity

Before we started Cubed, it always frustrated us how there were so few tools available to most people on servers, making it difficult to realise what you wanted to make. There’s no such thing on Cubed; there’s always a way to get the result you want.

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