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andea city planning.

Andea’s City Planning team is now actively seeking builders who are talented with infrastructure and city planning. This is an extremely specialist position, thus we are looking for talented builders only. Our Andea City Planning team will be judging your application based on your skill and understanding of cities. We expect applicants to be concise and skilled in the areas listed above, do not apply if these specifications do not apply to you. We will not discriminate based on the texturepack you use with your portfolio, however we expect you to become sufficient with Cubed’s own texturepack should you be expected for this role. Unsuccessful applicants will not receive feedback.

Your duties as an infrastructural planner will include but not be limited to:

  • Motorway planning & construction
  • Main road/dual carriageway
  • Improvement of existing junctions & roads
  • Planning, criticism and improvement of public areas
  • Zoning for vehicles; bus routes and cycle routes

For a portfolio, this can be either a link to an image hosting website such as, or a portfolio website such as Weebly or

andean infrastructure application.

    Your Minecraft Username

    Your Discord Username

    What is your experience with cities?

    Your Minecraft Portfolio

    Replies to your application may take up to 3 days. This is not a promise of a 3 day turnaround but based on average replies with normal application traffic.  If you have not heard anything back after 3 days, you may request an update in the Discord Support channel.  

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