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getting started with Beta.

Congratulations on becoming a Beta Tester. You have been chosen among many to help create a better community and improve the experience of all involved. But what does this involve? Without guidance, it's easy to become confused with how to test our features and report any issues present on Cubed's Minecraft server.

This page will help you get started with useful information and a checklist of what to do on Cubed.

beta checklist.

You can find a list below of Cubed's main features. Read through them, try out the Forum tutorial pages for each and inform the staff of any bugs or issues you find. The best place to discuss issues is the #beta-general channel on Cubed's Discord.

Our Worlds

Cubed has multiple worlds categorised by their purpose:

  • Showcase worlds – worlds locked from building/interaction, solely to showcase the map
  • Public worlds – worlds available for members to build in
  • Private worlds – worlds owned by staff/senior members that are locked from most members


You can help us by testing our two new worlds, Andea and Permia. To learn about them, see the below links:

Our Commands and Features

Cubed has many features and commands that are custom tailored to suit our community. These ensure that our community has the best experience on Cubed. To learn about them, you can check the below link:

Our new Ranking System

Cubed’s ranking system has changed drastically. Moving from our linear system of reputation-based ranks, we have moved to ranks that suit skills and requirements of Cubed. Ranks are now as follows:

  • Visitor – those without member status, access to Permia
  • Member – Access to Permia, Flatworld and any private worlds where they are granted access
  • Specialist – Access to Andea, Permia, Flatworld and planning projects
  • Curator – Access to Andea, Permia, Flatworld and owning a private world/project
  • Helper – Helper for the Server, with the above permissions

All ranks come with full Worldedit and Voxel in worlds where they have permissions to ensure members have every opportunity to build to the best of their abilities.

To learn about them, you can check the link below:

The Forum

To assist with the growth of our community, Cubed now has a forum for members to plan builds, communicate with others and socialise with members.

To learn about them, you can check the link below:

good luck!

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