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donate to cubed.

Statement on donations

Cubed has never provided the option to donate before. This was because we didn’t want to bother our members with stuff like donations and server upkeep. However, after consideration with the team, we have decided to open donations after all. We will do it the Cubed way, however; simple and transparent.

Donation Process
  • In order to donate, click the ‘donate’ button below. By donating, you agree to the terms of donations as described on this webpage.
  • Clicking the button will redirect you to a secure PayPal page. It allows you to make a payment to Cubed Community using either your PayPal account or credit cards.
  • After the completion of the payment, you will be redirected to


Terms of donations

Cubed Community is an unregistered entity and therefore a simple online community, not in any legal form. The terms as described below, are relevant for the online community with the Minecraft server IP ‘‘, the website ‘‘, and twitter handle ‘@CubedCommunity’. All finances are controlled by Cubed Community’s board.

‘Users’ are anyone who wish to make a donation through Cubed Community’s provided services.

  1. The donation services

Cubed Community will use all received donations at their discretion but within their stated objectives. This means that any donations made will not be used for personal goals, but only used to make expenses related to Cubed Community. Uses include, but aren’t limited to, server upkeep, website, and organising events. The Board has the authority to decide whether something is a proper Use for donations or not.


All payments will be made through PayPal using Cubed Community’s PayPal account, [email protected]. When processing a payment, a User may need to provide their personal details. This is required by PayPal in order to process the payments. Any personal details that Cubed Community receives through PayPal will not be shared with any third party under any circumstance, unless the specific User has granted Cubed Community permission to do so.

(2) Refund Policy 

It is not possible for a User to cancel their donation, or request a refund. All donations made are final.

(3) Granted Services

When a User makes a donation, it does not entitle them to any extra granted Services related to their donation. This means that when a User makes a donation, this does not guarantee that their rights, or their access to certain Services provided by Cubed Community, will change. A donation does not entitle a User to a change in how they are treated by Cubed Community.

(4) Effect of Donations of a User’s position within the community

When a User makes a donation, their position will remain unaffected. It does not guarantee that they will be accepted into the staff team, or that they will have a vote in the future. Users who make a donation will continue to be able to participate in server decisions by using the Feature Suggest form and/or fill in so-called ‘Member Surveys’ as provided by Cubed Community.

(5) Cubed Community Rights

  • ‘CC’ reserves the right to ban, alter, or remove any User at any time, regardless of whether they have made a donation or not.
  • Cubed Community can discontinue donations at any time they wish.
  • Cubed Community can use all money received through donations in any way they wish, as long as it is related to Cubed Community, as described in (1).
  • Cubed Community can cancel any donation made by any User.

(6) Authorization

By agreeing to these Terms of Donations, you are stating that:

  1. You are at least 13 years old. (See 2)
  2. In case you are under 18, you have parental permission to donate.
  3. You agree to all terms as described in this document

(7) General

Cubed Community reserves the right to change these Terms of Donations at all times.

By donating to Cubed Community, you state that you agree to the terms of donations described above.

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