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Planning Ahead

we’ve been gone a while.

Cubed’s been gone for close to a year, but where have we been?

Whitelisting in September 2017, Cubed shut its doors for a series of major updates and reforms; including and not limited to the community. Now, we’re ready to release information regarding our plans.

let’s get right into the news.

We’re coming back with a bang. We plan to release our server on full 1.13, with all the bells and whistles you expect of Cubed’s innovative features. This has taken up nearly all our time during the upgrades, as you can safely assume this has been a tedious task for us to complete.

This will ensure players can utilise Minecraft’s new features to their full potential, while having access to Cubed in the process. Don’t worry, everyone on 1.12 and 1.11 will still be able to access our network.

Along with 1.13, we will be supplying all our old worlds as showcase-maps. Players can still build in them with permission, however all focus will be pushed towards our new upcoming maps, which you will learn about soon. These maps are a significant part of Cubed’s community, so we are hoping to keep our goals aimed at our roots.

what else?

Cubed’s creative server is now almost entirely custom; you can even hug Rezz on the server to say thank you. We have taken note of many players’ concerns and feedback, and continued to ensure that we only maintain essential features and tools to push innovation and not inflate the server with features nobody uses nor needs. Likewise, we have tried to ensure that the features we do have are unique and recognisable to Cubed’s mission statement.

Have you noticed it? We have a new site. This new site comes with our plans to freshen up our server and community. Being more simple and to the point, we hope to push the concept of keeping things simple but impressive. Along with the site, we’re working on a forum and wiki for new and old players to brush up on Cubed’s features and opportunities (no more asking Adam for the road tool functions, simply type alt+F4 in-game).

Stay tuned for more information as we release it. We don’t plan on fully releasing all our plans yet so that you’ll experience surprise while playing on Cubed, however we have deemed the information we’ve released as important to your understanding of where we’re taking Cubed in the future.

let’s keep pushing forward.

Looking forward, we have the following plans:

  • Finish the 1.13 updates, ASAP.
  • Open applications for Beta testing.
  • Go through the motions of testing.
  • Carry out a soft release of the server, with select members.
  • Finally carry out a full release.

We do not have any set dates for the above tasks yet, but we are pushing hard with our work and intend to open beta testing as our first task in the coming weeks. Stay tuned, for we plan to release further posts to keep all our members updated along the above timeline.

Want to help us out?

Want to help speed up our updates? You can contact our director Adám#0001 on Discord and have a casual discussion about what you can do to help, or click the button beside to apply directly.


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