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welcome to Andea.

Two years of intensive planning, a year of innovative building and an outcome of the most impressive project we have ever produced. Andea has been a long project for us all, testing our talents, patience and pushing the limits of what’s available with vanilla Minecraft. Built using the most recent version of Minecraft, we utilised the new blocks and functions while creating a specific resource-pack to be used. Alongside detailed infrastructural plans, sketches and research into styles and pallets, we managed to produce a project that sets a new standard for Cubed’s future.

drawing the future.

Our first task was to build thoughts and ideas for the project at hand. To do this, we created mood-boards and various sketches to visualise our ideas. By using images sourced from architecture and infrastructue, we could create realistic sketches of what we could expect in Andea. This helped us greatly when it came to producing style pallets and creating builds for the city.

paving the future.

Our next step was to decide the map we’d build upon. We decided a map of European influence was our best method, allowing us to include many various biomes and keeping the map relatively suitable for a modernist city.

painting the bigger picture.

After planning, sketching designs and creating the map, we finally produced the custom resource-pack. This allowed us to create the city we dreamt so dearly of, while retaining our Vanilla roots. Utilising models, biomes and Optifine we managed to create a resource-pack that went beyond innovation. After a year of building and developing this pack, we bring you the project we desired since we opened. A map of new heights and possibilities.

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