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our projects.

Anthem of the Seas

Welcome Aboard! No matter how you vacation, you’re guaranteed the adventure of a lifetime onboard Anthem of the Seas! This is, to date, the most detailed Royal Caribbean ship ever recreated in the game. Whether you like to relax or Partake in adrenaline pumping Activities,

Symphony of the Seas

Welcome aboard Symphony of the Seas, the World’s Largest Cruise Ship! Symphony of the Seas is the world’s largest cruise ship. She measures in at a jaw dropping 1,184 ft in length and 215 feet wide. She is 18 decks tall and is able to


welcome to Andea. Two years of intensive planning, a year of innovative building and an outcome of the most impressive project we have ever produced. Andea has been a long project for us all, testing our talents, patience and pushing the limits of what's available

Carnival Sunshine

KapitanBlau is a great shipwright of Cubed. First debuted in 1996 as the ‘Carnival Destiny’ Carnival Sunshine was the world’s largest cruise ship at the time because of her whopping 100,000 Gross tonnage, which was a very big deal at this time. She was started

Dying Desires

Dying Desires was a concept creation to design a future sustainable city inside a decaying laboratory. The idea behind this is that the concept of sustainability will work in concept but not in reality. Therefore we took the idea of a single room with equipment

Victoire City

Welcome to La Saint-Victoire City, the city of music and artists. This is a city by VictorianCraft (now part of Cubed Community) that has taken more than a year to create yet it is to be completed. It is 1000×1000, with various districts and areas

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