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cubed textures.

Cubed uses a custom resource-pack for our main project Andea. This pack relies on Optifine to operate correctly, making use of many features such as biome-specific textures, custom models and connected textures. If you're using this for the first time we advise visiting /warp pack for a full repository of blocks, items and textures you can utilise.

This resourcepack requires OptiFine to function correctly. Download it here and install it by following the instructions on the OptiFine website.

version 1.14

version 1.12

(Unsupported since 08.08.2018)


  • Over 600 unique textures
  • Over 50 unique models
  • Biome-specific textures
  • Connected textures
  • Custom sounds
  • Clean modern aesthetic
  • Versatile textures and items
  • It’s cool as heck

how to install:

  1. Download and install Optifine for 1.14.4. You can find the download here and instructions here.
  2. Download the desired pack version. We suggest the most latest release.
  3. Move (or download) the file to app_data/roaming/.minecraft/resourcepacks.
  4. Run Minecraft 1.14.4 with Optifine and access your resource-pack folder via the in-game menu.
  5. Select the Cubed Textures resource-pack.
  6. Kappa! You can view the pack’s features via /warp Pack on our creative server.


Cubed Textures wouldn’t be available without the work of others within the Minecraft community. We strongly appreciate their work and any effort put towards helping Cubed Textures become reality.

  • Tarago (Creator)
  • Riderr (models, textures)
  • Rebelite (lamp model)

Can’t see your name here? Contact Aequotis via our Discord.

get ahead of the pack.

We allow access to the development builds of Cubed Textures, as well as pre-release updates before they’re published online. To access these, you can join our Github where we post development builds and pre-release updates on-creation, letting you use the newest features and get ahead of the crowd.

Development builds may not always work. Development builds are released to allow users to try out and test upcoming features. Please report any issues or bugs you encounter to our Github page.

reference sheet.

You can use our handy reference sheet to view custom models and biome textures for blocks/entities offered in our pack. Biomes are listed along the x-axis, and blockstates/names are listed along the y-axis. Some blockstates require you to use WorldEdit to obtain them (such as //set acacia_button[powered=true]). This is quite straightforward to learn – you can find full blockstate names on Cubed via /warp pack.

To obtain a texture or model which requires a biome, you must use WorldEdit. Place the block/model and select it with your WorldEdit wand, then use //setbiome <biome> to obtain your desired texture/model. For example, you can get wine glasses from the dead bubble coral by placing dead bubble coral, selecting with your wand and typing //setbiome mountain_edge. This biome sets it to wine glasses, as shown in the reference sheets.

Biome Textures Reference Sheet

Learn more about the textures available through biomes, and how to use them.

Blockstate Model Reference Sheet

Learn more about the models available through biomes and blockstates, and how to use them.

need help?

Join our Discord and request help through our support channels. Our staff are always there to help you.

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