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Cubed uses a custom modification of the popular Flows HD for our new main project, Andea. Created solely for this project, cubedpack has been focused on realism and useful textures for meeting our needs. This pack relies on Optifine to operate correctly, making use of many features such as biome-specific textures, custom models and connected textures. If you're using this for the first time, we advise visiting /warp pack for a full repository of blocks, items and textures you can utilise.

version 1.13.2

version 1.12.2


  • Over 600 unique textures
  • Over 50 unique models
  • Biome-specific textures
  • Connected textures
  • Custom sounds
  • Clean modern aesthetic
  • Versatile textures and items
  • It’s cool as heck

how to install:

  1. Download and install Optifine for 1.13.2. You can find the download here and instructions here.
  2. Download the above pack version. We suggest the most latest release.
  3. Move (or download) the file to app_data/roaming/.minecraft/resourcepacks.
  4. Run Minecraft 1.13.2 with Optifine and access your resource-pack folder via the in-game menu.
  5. Select the CubedPack resource-pack.
  6. Kappa! You can view the pack’s features via /warp Pack on our creative server.


Cubedpack wouldn’t be available without the work of others within the Minecraft community. We strongly appreciate their work and any effort put towards helping Cubedpack become reality.

  • Tarago (Co-Creator)
  • ArtFlo91, Lukolaz, Eisregen (Flows HD original creators)
  • Exevium (Flows HD 1.10+ Revival)
  • Dubzayy (lamp model)
  • Karrasko (WoK textures)
  • Riderr (models, textures)
  • Rebelite (lamp model)

Can’t see your name here? Contact Aequotis via our Discord.

reference sheet.

 Standard TextureJungleForestMushroom FieldsWooded HillsMountain edgeOceanRiverNetherBirch Forest HillsSunflower PlainsFlower ForestBirch ForestTaigaSnowy TundraSnowy TaigaIce SpikesMountainsGravelly MountainsStone ShoreSavannaShattered SavannaDesertDeep Warm Ocean
Acacia Button Powered
Acacia Pressure Plate
Acacia Pressure Plate Powered
Cake Slice 1/6
Cake Slice 2/6
Cake Slice 3/6
Cake Slice 4/6
Cake Slice 5/6
Cake Slice 6/6
Comparator Compare
Comparator Compare Powered
Comparator Powered
Concrete White
Concrete Yellow
Coral Brain
Coral Brain Fan
Coral Bubble
Coral Bubble Fan
Coral Fire
Coral Fire Fan
Coral Horn
Coral Horn Fan
Coral Tube
Coral Tube Fan
Dead Pickle Four
Dead Pickle One
Dead Pickle Three
Dead Pickle Two
Fence Acacia
Fence Birch
Fence Dark Oak
Fence Jungle
Fence Oak
Fence Spruce
Flower Pot With Acacia Sapling
Flower Pot With Birch Sapling
Flower Pot With Dark Oak Sapling
Flower Pot With Jungle Sapling
Flower Pot With Oak Sapling
Flower Pot With Spruce Sapling
Hopper Attached
Jungle Button
Jungle Button Powered
Leaves Acacia
Leaves Birch
Leaves Dark Oak
Leaves Jungle
Leaves Oak
Leaves Spruce
Light Weighted Pressure Plate
Light Weighted Pressure Plate Powered
Mossy Cobble Wall
Repeater Delay 1
Repeater Delay 2
Repeater Delay 3
Repeater Delay 4
Repeater Delay Powered 1
Repeater Delay Powered 2
Repeater Delay Powered 3
Repeater Delay Powered 4
Stained Glass Blue
Stained Glass Brown
Stained Glass Cyan
Stained Glass Gray
Stained Glass Green
Stained Glass Light Blue
Stained Glass Light Gray
Stained Glass Lime
Stained Glass Magenta
Stained Glass Orange
Stained Glass Pink
Stained Glass Purple
Stained Glass White
Stained Glass Yellow
Tripwire Hook Powered
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